Elena in the Dark Autumn palette
Photo Mark Rogers

Freeing you to enjoy dressing and to look your best effortlessly. Keeping you up-to-date with inspiration that suits you

By establishing the exact tone of your skin and the colour shades that best complement you, you can effortlessly shop, dress and build an innovative wardrobe. At The Colour Commission you learn about colour, your colour, and how to put colours together. You go away with an extensive personal palette book of shades that you can use to help you shop, dress and design with confidence.

For every client there are also bespoke guides every season with details of where to find the colours that suit you in the new collections, saving you the footwork and helping you navigate endless fleeting trends. An invaluable service tailored to suit you.

The Colour Commission blog provides shopping updates and shows you cool colourful fashion from the streets of Sydney and London, plus innovative interiors from hotels, bars and homes – all to inspire you to play confidently with colour.

The Colour Commission uses the Sci/Art® Twelve-ToneTM Colour SystemTM, based on scientific and artistic principals of colour and light, developed by artist Kathryn Kalisz. This straightforward system involves the comparison of colours from every area of the spectrum against your skin, hair and eyes in a concentrated and enlightening consultation. By finding out where you fit into the colour spectrum, you gain knowledge about a huge range of shades that complement you best.

The Colour Commission blog keeps you up-to-date with colourful fashion and interiors from the streets and spaces of Sydney, London, Tokyo, Paris and more...

The Colour Commission now offers colour consultation services for your home or business, which can include an overall colour scheme for interiors and/or exteriors; materials, texture, pattern and fittings selection; as well as lighting plans to maximise the desired impact of colours and materials. We have also worked with clients on colours and the branding of their business. Understanding colour and harmony, and their impact on a person or space, can be complicated. An informed use of colour in an interior can fundamentally change the human response to it. By applying a well-resolved group of colours and materials, spaces can be renewed and light levels can be dramatically improved. The confident use of colour and pattern adds an element of elegance or fun to an interior that contemporises and reinvigorates the ‘mood’ of a space. The Design Commission’s Jacqueline Bosscher has trained as a Sci/Art Colour Consultant, training informed by the Munsell Colour System, the world’s standard for colour communication in design.