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Colours for your home or business

The Colour Commission now offers colour consultation services for your home or business, which can include an overall colour scheme for interiors and/or exteriors; materials, texture, pattern and fittings selection; as well as lighting plans to maximise the desired impact of colours and materials. We have also worked with clients on colours and the branding of their business.

Understanding colour and harmony, and their impact on a person or space, can be complicated. An informed use of colour in an interior can fundamentally change the human response to it. By applying a well-resolved group of colours and materials, spaces can be renewed and light levels can be dramatically improved. The confident use of colour and pattern adds an element of elegance or fun to an interior that contemporises and reinvigorates the ‘mood’ of a space.

The Design Commission’s Jacqueline Bosscher has trained as a Sci/Art Colour Consultant, training informed by the Munsell Colour System, the world’s standard for colour communication in design.

Summer class

Visiting Sydney from Singapore for a summer wedding, these 2 elegant gentlemen know how to put an outfit together! Ron and Jeff have played intelligently with colour, pattern, texture and even scale to create classy yet relaxed looks. Ron matches navy and red dots with deep terracotta pants and uses natural brown leather to keep the palette harmonious. Jeff has opted for contrast, with the bright yellow pants setting off the navy and white dots cleanly. His neutral toned accessories keep the look clean whilst adding interest via the texture of the belt. One of my favourite details here though, is that the large circular face of Jeff’s watch, and even his round glasses, add so beautifully to the dot theme simply by scale-shifting. Pleasure to meet you gentlemen – you will have to give me some shopping tips next time I visit Singapore!

Graphic lines + colour

This graphic wall feature, created in the main foyer at MOCA in LA, uses a striking combination of colour and line to greet visitors. The long lines of pale pink are hardened by the short ‘cuts’ of black line. Where these two overlap, a subtle colour change to deep red creates a layered effect, adding dimension, as well as matching the floor colour. The highly graphic nature of this feature creates a space with a feeling of energy and youthfulness. Playing with colour and line in this way need not be restricted to the public or commercial spheres – why not be this playful at home? Or with the layering of colour and texture on the body? Be bold!

Go your own way

In Selby style, this post features a highly original young lady surrounded by the images and objects that inspire her to stand out from the crowd and find her own sartorial expression. Loving your style Bella x

The creative act is the defeat of habit by originality (George Lois). Happy New Year to all – go your own way in 2013!

Fluoro colours

There are a lot of fluoro colours to be seen in the shops at the moment, but beware this passing trend. Fluoro colours are polarising, meaning they dominate the light that reflects onto your skin. This is ok if you have the skintone of a tanned brazilian, but if not they lend a sickly palour to even the healthiest of us. Play it safe with fluoro accessories instead, head-turning for the right reasons

Spring in the city

Lenore lives in Bondi and she brought sunny spring colours into the city with her today. I couldn’t resist stopping her as she breezed up the grey street in this floaty deep blue ombre top, wide red trousers and panama. The blue set off her sun-kissed skin wonderfully and the red added a bright, warm pop of colour. She really embodied the mood of a spring morning. Many thanks Lenore, and I hope you enjoyed all the colour in the Biennale of Sydney works when you headed to the MCA

Blue in Paris

Studies in blue. A girl in in cornflower blue amongst the flowers of the Jardins du Luxembourg, absorbed in her own world. An incredible array of beads of all shades at the weekend flea markets, Les Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen. Exploring a single tone can be so effective on the body or in interiors.

Couples – St Germain, Paris

These two shots show how the European man embrace’s colour more boldly than his Antipodean counterpart. The shades of pink worn by the gent in the first shot even extend to his shoes! In the next shot, this father and son were out for an evening stroll in their matching suits. The soft brown linen suit on the son is classic for summer, and the tan brown shoes really make the look of the father. Both shots show how effective it is to dress in tones of the same colour

On the street – Le Marais

I was hooked the minute I met Anne on a quiet lane in Le Marais. She was so shy but her style is bold and brave – a beautiful contradiction of preppy and sexy – with a great eye for colour – inimitable! Merci Anne

Summer St Germain

Its all in the detail. This Parisienne’s look is really about her belt and bag. They add warmth and layers of interest to this simple look and they match her skin tone so well. The touches of silver are also a great addition and add a cool note along with her shorts. A quintessential summer look of balanced tones